Helping you and your company become
essential to your clients.

We equip you and your organization with knowledge,
training and tools to strengthen your most
important client relationships, thus making your business grow.

Who We Are


Valore Strategic Consulting specializes in B2B, working collaboratively with clients to improve their financial results through better strategic planning execution.

At Valore, we believe clients are the heart of all decision making. With that in mind, we work to help companies successfully implement their business strategy, building a client-centred multifunctional culture that will transform their relationship with the market – making it relevant and unmistakable to clients.

Our consultants and partners develop customized solutions in collaboration with our clients.

Em nossa experiência, estratégias baseadas nesse novo engajamento se mostraram um grande diferencial para os clientes.

Nossos consultores e associados criam soluções customizadas, sempre em colaboração com cada cliente. Através de soluções objetivas, focadas e de alto impacto, ajudamos você e sua empresa a transformar objetivos ambiciosos em realidade.

Our Services


Business Processes

  • Strategic growth initiatives
  • Go-To-Market and customer segmentation
  • Key account management
  • Creation and delivery of Customer value proposition
  • Effective sales mamangemt with simple&smart KPIs

People and Organization

  • Organizational design
  • Training for sales and marketing organization: from Directors to Sales Reps.
  • International certification of Key Account managers
  • Commercial practices governance


  • Customer segmentation
  • Remote sales
  • Client satisfaction surveys
  • Value demonstration

Our partners


With over 11,000 members, SAMA is an unique global organization. Throughout decades of benchmark with the world’s leading practitioners of strategic customer management in B2B, SAMA has developed products and training to help customers thrive and transform their organizations through customer-centred practices and an efficient, effective co-value creation process.

Halifax Consulting is a French training boutique with global presence. It specializes in improving performance of sales teams, by offering a combination of consulting and customized training – both online and in person.

The CVET®, Customer Value Expert Toolset®, was developed by professors James C. Anderson and Eric Berggren, from Northwestern University Kellogg School. It generates persuavive demonstrations of value generation, enabling sales teams to easily and effectively quantify value for customers and helping increase the business conversion rate.

Axios is a consulting firm founded by Eric Berggren, Marketing Professor at Northwestern University Kellogg School. It helps clients innovate and manage their business by converting customer value into higher profitability.

A Arpedio desenvolve ferramentas digitais para você gerenciar sua equipe de vendas, seus clientes e explorar novas oportunidades de negócio otimizando as funcionalidades do Sales Force.

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